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Night's Bright Colors Absinthe Twilight album review

Night's Bright Colors album review
Night's Bright Colors album review

Jason Smith, here formerly reviewed for his main project Night's Bright Colors, is kind of a very prolific as well inspired musician.

From Asheville, North Carolina, USA, - these (free internet download) releases are an elegant cinematic trilogy from the inside of His imagery sound, a very figurative and evocative soundtrack for the way of musical emphasis.

The first collection, Absinthe Twilight, is a successful attempt to score a 24 hours day, - Flowers of Evil is a three songs suite featuring one dedicated to Edward Gorey (Edward Gorey's Bedtime Story), and Absinthe Mourning completes the missing pieces of this melodious puzzle.

A cradle of gentle tunes, mostly instrumental, others sung by Jason's soothing voice; - then acoustic guitars, cello, piano, keyboard, a few quiet percussions, - a daydreaming goodnight after a warm cup of tea, a cold sneaking wind from a window, - some classic piano sonatas (enumerated with roman numbers) balanced with some more modern folk ballads, sometimes reminding me of Neil Halstead (A Cradle Song, 2pm - autumn hill).

Pure isolationism, no time to party, - it is a melancholic cycle of ambient melodies, a continuous quiet poetic introspection, - lonely bedroom atmospheres, the stars in a clear nocturnal sky - relaxing and silently are the reading key of these little gems, - where their strenght is marked by their own mesmerising beauty.


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