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First Set Fire To The Stars album review

Excellent indie-pop, very intimate songcraft, whispered boy vocals, a shy sense of folk poetry (Change the Colors), - Night's Bright Colors is Jason Smith's sound box, from North Carolina, United States, now at 4th release, free/donate download. Somehow his vocals remind me of The Melody Unit, although here there's no trace of any shoegazing wall of sound, - at all, songs like Blue/Love in the Asylum (a douple-face trip) and Grey could have been written somehow in 60s, such they are bucolic and blinded by the sun. - On the other side, the sonorous experience of Catacombs resounds of the excellence of Love and Rockets. Actually Night's Bright Colors is not easy to label, - but what's clear is that most of these 17 tracks are potentially affecting songs, - reflective bedroom recordings and alternative pop-friendly at the same time (This Romance, as well the tamourine and clapping of Southern Town), also able of a brief narcotic psychedelic euphoria (the boy/girl vocals and half-mute interlude in crescendo of Woke Up) as well of evocative celestial elevation (the winds and string overture of Heaven-Proof/Inverness).


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