Late Night By Lamplight album review

New chapter for Jason Smith aka Night's Bright Colors, one more time spacing through the boundary of melodic alternative pop and bedroom folk Music.

A fascinating diy production, a solo project with a cast of friend musicians helping, - a soundtrack for the bittersweet happiness, where Jason's vocals are calm and almost whispered, warm and brotherly, - and so the music goes: evocative, atmospheric, evolving in a subtle sensibility turning often romantic - like in the graceful obsessive guitar notes in Parry the Wind.

Acoustic and electric guitars, keyb, accordian, drums, - the beautiful melancholic violins on Family house, - the elegant arrangements of Shining Moment, - Night's Bright Colors shape the body of the intimacy, where the common feeling is shy, personal and private (Bottle Scars), a lyrical attitude having a certain effect on listeners, on me for first.

Last but not the album title track, Late night by lamplight: there's a background acoustic fast arpeggio that sounds and shifts into a far far wind blowing, and even far there's a nearly unhearable piano playing, - and when Jason tells You about the shadows on the ceiling, all looks like a one way ticket for the good night to come, - a night, for sure, full of shifting bright colors (pardon me).