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Listen to Night's Bright Colors' incredible self-titled album, album review

Night's Bright Colors album cover
Night's Bright Colors album cover

Night's Bright Colors is the music project of Jason Smith, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been involved in music for many years. In July 2023, he unveiled his new original album which just by listening to it, it makes our day shine. With 11 tracks in total, it offers us a wide musical choice.

The first track “Amphetamine”, is a captivating single with an exciting melody that makes you dream and which immediately invites us to join the artist in this relaxing world that he presents to us through his slow rhythm and his soothing interpretation.

Followed by “Group Therapy”, we are dealing here with a dynamic piece where the sounds are explosive, thus giving the audience the opportunity to let off steam on its dazzling atmosphere. As we listen to this album, we are more and more amazed by the captivating, powerful and sometimes wild sounds of its tracks.

Excited by each of them, Night's Bright Colors impresses us further with the lyrics of "Secret Smile". To close in style, the title “Blush” offers us a wonderful listen where the melodies are relaxed and lulling. So, don't wait to listen to “Night's Bright Colors”.

Leave without further delay in the musical break which stands out as the moment of rare music, the soundtrack which will not fail to take you out of the moment.


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