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Love In The Asylum album review

Few artists are able to capture the mixture of loneliness, desperation and underpinning of bittersweet moments that Elliott Smith embodied. Almost any comparisons fall short and are merely handy reference points to try to point to a similar sound. Jason Smith certainly has the wistful delivery and musical capability to fall into these comparisons; but what clinches the comparison is that he really is a songwriter on the level that Elliott set so high. He and producer Matthew Mauney have created a masterful album, several actually. Night's Bright Colors latest pulls together the culmination of a project centering around Smith's protagonist "the patient." The project now ends with the release of the double album Love In The Asylum, a world-weary-frayed-threads run through mental health. Jason Smith's voice aches with the a reluctancy to let you into his mind but with the earnestness of a songwriter who has no other choice but to bleed for the sake of of the disease. Hope is a small raft that we cling to but its more solid than the surrounding waters.

Raven Sings The Blues

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