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Night's Bright Colors: Reviving the Spirit of 1990s Indie Pop

Night's Bright Colors Jason Smith
Night's Bright Colors Jason Smith

Prepare for a musical journey that bridges the past and present. Night's Bright Colors, an indie pop sensation, introduces their self-titled album, "Night's Bright Colors." This collection embodies the essence of the 1990s independent music movement and is led by the talented Jason Smith. It's a skillful fusion of melodious harmonies, infectious tunes, and clever wordplay, reminiscent of indie legends like Elliott Smith, The Shins, and Built To Spill.

Hailing from Asheville, North Carolina, Jason Smith, a gifted songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, established Night's Bright Colors in 2003. He has remained the driving force behind the band, collaborating with a diverse group of friends and contributors over the years. Smith's dedication to crafting indie pop that captivates hearts and minds has been the hallmark of his musical journey.

"Night's Bright Colors" is more than just an album; it's a portal to the spirited era of 1990s independent music. Each track pays homage to the artists who shaped that period while injecting a contemporary twist. The result is a captivating compilation that will have you dancing, reflecting, and humming along, transported to a nostalgic yet refreshing soundscape.

This album's standout feature is its enchanting melodies. Night's Bright Colors crafts tunes that transport listeners to a different time and space, evoking a comforting yet invigorating sense of nostalgia. The lyrical wordplay is equally captivating, weaving stories and emotions into every note.

"Night's Bright Colors" is not just a musical endeavor; it's a reflection of a 20-year journey. The album revisits and reimagines favorite tracks from previous releases, many of which were self-recorded. With the expertise of Kevin Boggs (Fashion Bath), the album was recorded, mixed, and produced to perfection, offering a streamlined representation of Smith's musical evolution.

Beyond creating music, Night's Bright Colors ventures into the realms of film, television, and theater composition. This expanded, cinematic quality resonates throughout "Night's Bright Colors." The album's essence is beautifully encapsulated by the stunning cover art, created by Asheville-based photographer Josh Rhinehart.

Night's Bright Colors is more than a collection of songs; it's a musical journey that accompanies life's moments. Each track unfolds like a scene from a movie, painting vivid pictures and eliciting emotions. The cinematic quality of the album adds depth and richness to every listening experience. Click HERE to Listen to Night's Bright Colors


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