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Immersing in Night’s Bright Colors: Sonic Soundscape, Enlivened Memories

"Night's Bright Colors" album cover
"Night's Bright Colors" album cover

Night's Bright Colors represents the creative endeavour of Jason Smith, a versatile musician and songwriter hailing from Asheville, United States. Smith has consistently unveiled albums under this moniker, venturing into an array of genres spanning indie pop, folk, rock, and electronic music. His most recent offering, also titled Night's Bright Colors, assembles a collection of lively, melodic indie pop tracks infused with captivating melodies and lyrical ingenuity reminiscent of the 1990s independent music movement. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Elliott Smith, The Shins, and Built To Spill, this compilation echoes the spirit of that era while showcasing Smith's distinctive musical prowess.

Night’s Bright Colors stands as a delightful offering in the realm of melodic indie pop, showcasing Smith's profound talent and unwavering passion for music. This album invites listeners to smile, sing along, and bask in a feel-good ambience. Its vibrant and charming songs are crafted to brighten both your day and night, adding a splash of colour and joy to your musical experience.

The album comprises a collection of 11 tracks, each possessing its own unique atmosphere and character. Kicking off the musical journey is "Amphetamine," which establishes the album's sunny and optimistic ambience.

As the album unfolds, it reveals his remarkable versatility and creativity as both a musician and a storyteller. Standout tracks include "Birnam’s Holiday," a haunting and melancholic ballad that delves into the theme of lost love, featuring a captivating string arrangement and an emotionally charged vocal performance. "The Art of Misdirection" is another highlight, an infectious and energetic rock anthem celebrating liberation from the mundane and the pursuit of adventure. It boasts a driving guitar riff and a soaring chorus that captivates the listener.

In "Portland," Smith takes a nostalgic and sentimental approach, crafting a song that reflects on the past and cherishes the present. The gentle piano melody and heartfelt vocal delivery infuse this track with a sense of tenderness. Finally, "Blush" injects a playful and ironic note into the album as it humorously addresses the prospect of facing the apocalypse with a smile. The song features a catchy synth-pop beat and a lighthearted twist, adding a touch of wit to the overall narrative.


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