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"Night's Bright Colors" album review

Night's Bright Colors album cover
Night's Bright Colors album cover

The self-titled album from Night’s Bright Colors shows a shimmering, hooky range of harmonious rock and power-pop. The project comes via Asheville, N.C.-based artist Jason Smith, whose songwriting shines throughout — from the vibrant, jangly “The Popular Girl” to the debonair intrigue of “Pollenaise” and orchestral power-pop gem that is “Secret Smile.” The release represents a reimagining of Smith’s favorite tracks from prior releases, many of them self-recordings.

The highlights flow throughout. The string-laden folk balladry of “Portland” represents one of the more understated efforts, showing a sort of Elliott Smith nod aesthetically, while tracks like “The Art of Misdirection” recall high-quality late ’90s indie-rock in the vein of The Shins and The New Pornographers. The songs vary in their aesthetical range from power-pop to rock and folk, though are consistent in their knack for hooky punches and top-notch production, courtesy of Kevin Boggs (Fashion Bath).


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