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Night's Bright Colors Late Night By Lamplight album review

Night's Bright Colors album review
Night's Bright Colors album review

This is the companion disc to last years First Set Fire To The Stars, from Night’s Bright Colours, aka Jason Smith from Asheville, NC. Blush is a cute little wistful start to the album, like a sweet little thing from Badly Drawn Boy’s debut. The Popular Girl is shuffling indie pop, a gorgeous little melody and some aching vocals, while Liar’s Tears is in a sumptuous, near comatose vibe, relaxing and soothing. After the delightful tinkling of the title track, we get Minor Love Story a heartfelt ballad of total warmth and gorgeousness. Next is the brief twinkling medieval Shining Moment before Turn Your Thoughts delivers a cute little strumalong. Light Sleeper is a drag your heels, but act all cool Badly Drawn Boy sweet fest and Kiss Kiss Oh is a shuffling piece of sweet pop like Elliot Smith used to make. After the slightly more upbeat Parry The Wind, we get the gorgeous stand out track Bottle Scars. It has delightful finger picked guitars and whispered vocals, its Simon & Garfunkel updated with tender care. Late Night is a satisfied but world weary sigh, which closes a fine album.


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