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Night's Bright Colors "Birnam's Holiday" track review

Night's Bright Colors track review

Genre: Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: The Pixies, Elliott Smith, Band Of Horses

To some, The Pixies were modern sonic terrorists who had found a brand new way of using a vocal howl and ear-piercing guitars to scare their audiences into submission. To David Bowie, they were “the demented Beatles“, a group that possessed zest, craziness, and an incredible ear for pretty melodies in equal measure.

Time has proven Bowie to have been closer to the truth. And, really, isn’t this the whole purpose of pop-rock music? At its very best, pop songs are about melodies that thrill you, thrills that shock you, and shocks that aren’t bad enough to prevent you from playing the tune a few more dozen times. Also, yes, all bands should aspire to be The Beatles.

Night’s Bright Colors’ Birnam’s Holiday sounds like music made by mental patients with a weekend pass. There’s lovely, campy, charming fun to be offered by the cavalcade of pouring melodies. But, there’s some darkness underneath this all for good balance. Night’s Bright Colors have crafted something that gets very close to being a perfect pop tune. Misfits hear the prettiest of melodies it seems.


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